Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

In 2002, Millstream was invited to work with the EU Publications Office to provide an electronic gateway for awarding authorities to publish their notices directly into the Official Journal. This has been successfully implemented and myTenders provides a portal for procurement professionals to create, publish and manage their procurement notices.

Building on the success of submission to the Official Journal, myTenders now offers the ability to create and publish tender notices which are not required to be published in the Official Journal. All of these notices are advertised at no cost on Millstream's sister service, Tenders Direct.

tendersdirect was developed for suppliers of goods and services and provides a tailored lead generation tool to organisations targeting the public sector. In excess of 40,000 organisations are registered to use the services and a broad selection of opportunities are distributed to our customers every day. Tenders are collected from various sources and Millstream holds a license to publish tender notices from the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Around 2500 new notices are advertised every week - these include invitations to tender, prior information notices, qualification systems and contract award notices. Purchasing Authorities can use the eProcurement portal, myTenders to publish OJEU and lower value tenders.

The Official Journal comprises three series:

  • The L Series contains EU legislation including regulations, directives, decisions, recommendations and opinions.
  • The C Series contains EU information and notices including the judgments of the European Courts, calls for expressions of interest for EU programmes and projects; public contracts for food aid; etc.
  • The supplementary S series contain invitations to tender which can be found at Tenders Direct

Supplement S contains invitations to tender for the following:

  • Contracts for works, supplies and services from public sector organizations in all EU Member States;
  • Contracts from utility companies operating in the water, energy, transport and telecommunications sectors;
  • Contracts from EU institutions;
  • European Development Fund contracts (ACP countries);
  • Phare, Tacis and other contracts from central and eastern Europe;
  • European Investment Bank, European Central Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development financed projects;
  • European Economic Area contracts (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein);
  • Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) from Switzerland;
  • Notices concerning European economic interest groups (EEIGs);
  • Public contracts for air services.

All three series of the OJEU are published every working day (5 days a week). Approximately 160,000 invitations to tender are published each year, of which more than 14,000 are from the UK or Ireland.