Outset Online is an interactive online learning tool that offers a huge range of content and tools designed to support you on your business start-up journey. 

Through a unique combination of information, video tutorials, resources and activities, Outset Online will help you navigate
 the steps to starting up you own business: from initiating and refining your ideas and identifying your customers and competitors, to figuring out your marketing strategy and helping you plan your finances. As you navigate through each stage, you can put your learning into practice with a range of activities and exercises that help you construct a ready-made business plan. 

Outset Online also offers user forums filled with mentors, advisors and other business owners to ensure that you have access to both formal and informal peer support on your journey.  

Turn your idea into a successful business

Outset Online gives you the tools to turn your idea into a strong, sustainable and successful business. 

Connect with others in our online community

The user forums are filled with other business owners plus a range of mentors and advisors with whom you can brainstorm, network, trade stories and seek advice as you progress through your business journey. 

Build your business plan

By completing a range of activities as you work through each stage, you'll create an exportable business plan that you can use to guide your decisions, apply for finance or track the progress of your business as you go. 

Videos, tools and online calculators

Outset Online has over 140 video tutorials that help you navigate each stage of starting a business, plus a range of useful online calculators and tools that take the pain out of planning and managing your business finances.