About Oxford Innovation

Oxford Innovation (Enterprise Europe Network) are match funded by Innovate UK to deliver the Enterprise Europe Network and Horizon 2020 programmes and also deliver the EST programme on behalf of Innovate UK.

Oxford Innovation Services Ltd., as well as delivering the Business Growth Service aka Growth Accelerator in the South East and South West, also delivers the following EU and Innovate UK funded services and programmes:-

  • Enterprise Europe Network services helping companies trade internationally. EEN is now the biggest business support Network in the world 
  • The EU funded Horizon 2020 Programme,which includes:-
    • 79 Billion Euros of R&D funding over the next 5 years
    • The SME Instrument programme, Grant and coaching support 50k Euros for Phase I and up to 2 Million Euros for Phase II
    • The Innovate2Succeed programme Free Innovation coaching programme with an international perspective
  • Entrepreneurial Skills training (EST) Programme a National training programme funded by Innovate UK free to established innovative businesses (12 x Workshop modules)

Oxford Innovation Services

Oxford Innovation provide practical support to help ambitious businesses and start-ups succeed.

Using their GROWTHmapperTM business tools they coach CEOs and senior managers to grow their businesses by focusing on those areas that can create maximum impact.

Their angel investment networks connect investors with great business opportunities and provide businesses with the finance they need to grow.


Oxford Innovation provides a 360-degree business review service based on their diagnostic tool, GROWTHmapper® (www.growthmapper.co.uk)

Reports are produced through GROWTHmapper®, which give an assessment of the biggest opportunities and challenges that a business faces in achieving its high growth potential. GROWTHmapper® is a coaching tool; the GROWTHmapper® report provides the context by which, subsequently, the coach and the management team of the company work together to agree and implement priorities for improvement. It informs the diagnostic process and the creation of an action plan for each business.

Investment networks

Oxford Innovation manages three Angel Investment networks:

Oxford Investment Opportunity Network
Thames Valley Investment Network
Oxford Early Investments

These Networks offer access to a wide range of high quality investment opportunities in early stage ventures. Oxford Innovation plays a vital role in connecting ambitious businesses with experienced investors, working closely with these companies to make sure that they are appropriate for investment, have a sound business plan and deliver a good pitch.


Oxford Innovation coach senior managers to improve team performance and unlock individuals' potential.

International Opportunities

With the help of Enterprise Europe Network Oxford Innovation make sure your company is making the most of opportunities available in European markets and beyond - sell or source technologies, apply for funding under various European programmes or find new clients for your products and services.