Parity Trust improves quality of life for individuals and families by investing in homes, community buildings and social enterprises through the provision of affordable finance.

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Parity Trust

The Parity Trust offers loan finance to social enterprises, charities and Community Land Trusts for community development, affordable housing and community land trust projects. 

Support for Charities and Social Enterprises

  • Lending - Asset backed or other projects considered, including working capital, asset purchase or start-up finance.
  • Project consultancy - General advice and project consultancy including advice on proposed legal structure.
  • Business planning - Advice, guidance and writing your organisation's business plan (where lending from Parity Trust is not required).
  • Fundraising - Advice and guidance on the appropriate fundraising strategy to be pursued. This could include making submissions to organisations providing funding for intermediary organisations such as Parity Trust, and include grant, loan or equity fund options.
  • Managing Community Share Offers - Parity Trust can manage your organisation's Community Share Offer. This service could include drafting the Offer document, liaising with your chosen solicitor for the verification process, managing the production of documents, handling the application process, receipt of funds and issuing Share certificates.

Support for Community Land Trusts (CLT's)

  • Parity Trust may be able to provide finance to CLT's who find a shortfall between any funding, grants and investment already obtained, in order to complete the project.

About the Parity Trust

Parity Trust (PT) delivers a broad array of regeneration solutions,financial products and services, and innovative projects which meet the local need in communities.

As an ethical, socially responsible community development finance institution, their business is about more than just finance it's about making community development and regeneration happen, through partnership working.

PT are committed to improving the economic and social well-being of local people, encouraging enterprise, creating greater prosperity and challenging disadvantage where it exists.

PT is an organisation that exists and trades for mutual benefit and recognises the importance of local solutions which are tailored to the needs of the whole community.

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