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Promote your business

Promoting your business is essential if you want potential customers to know you exist. But where do you start? Personal recommendations can be one of the most effective forms of publicity. This is why you must ensure your customers are left satisfied every time they deal with your business.

Other promotional options include advertising, direct mail (online and offline), public relations (PR) and networking. Many small businesses are now using social media and networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, too.

Devise a marketing plan

Marketing should be part of your everyday business culture, right from the moment you decide to start up. Having a marketing plan can increase your chances of success, but it doesn't need to be complex, just something that sets out your goals and strategy, structures your efforts and enables measurement.

Market research enables you to identify those you want to sell to (your ‘target market') or those most likely to buy from you. Segmenting customers into distinct groups enables you to finely tune your marketing efforts.

Ahead of launch, you must make potential customers aware you're about to start a new business. Having work or sales lined up can help you get your business off to a flying start.

Focus on your product's benefits

Focus on the main benefits your products or services offer to customers. Summarise them into a few key reasons why people should buy from you.

Drawing attention to your unique selling proposition (USP) could also help your cause. This requires explaining what makes your business special.

Visit the Start-Up Donut's Marketing Pages to learn more about how to target the right customers, stay close to your customers and refine your marketing plans.

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