Reshore UK

Reshoring - an outstanding market opportunity

Industry is coming home. Companies are increasingly looking to reshore manufacturing, textiles, software production and call centre work to the UK instead of outsourcing overseas, and reshoring is now a key component in strengthening local economies and the UK industrial base as a whole.

With an increasingly strong business environment in place to encourage reshoring activity, companies could have huge scope for growth.

Reshore UK helps customers bring production that they had previously outsourced abroad back to the UK. Many companies wish to do this to take advantage of the good corporate tax rates, legal frameworks and labour market in the UK.

Reshore UK will help you take advantage of the business opportunities created by reshoring. The service offers you expert strategic and technical advice, help to develop the business case for reshoring, visibility of high-value supply chain opportunities and access to funding to support your goals. 

Reshore UK will provide access to advice and support, a named individual to help each company and a matching and location service.

SME Manufacturers

If you're a UK-based manufacturing SME looking to take advantage of supply chain contracts created by reshoring, Reshore UK can help you to get ready and to engage with larger companies that want your help. Reshore UK can provide;

  • an objective assessment to evaluate your market capability and help to tailor your strategy
  • if appropriate, a referral to reshoring organisations where their requirements could match your capability; and
  • continuing support to help you be successful in a reshored supply chain

Larger Manufacturers and other business sectors

For larger UK and international businesses considering repatriating some or all of their supply chain activity, Reshore UK will;

  • work with you to match SME capability and capacity to your needs, to ensure you have the confidence of a local supply chain equipped to deliver the service and quality you require
  • work with the supply chain companies to ensure they have the capacity and capability to meet your needs
  • support you to understand the business case for reshoring