Running a business

Having a viable business idea is only part of what you need to succeed.  Your experience, knowledge and skill are crucial when running your business, so seek help or training if need be.  Much will also depend on your personal qualities. If you're sure running your own business is the right thing for you, you'll need a fair measure of self-confidence if you are to move things forward. This can be developed over time, but if you are the shy and retiring type, running your own business might not be right for you.

Successful entrepreneurs are usually ambitious, competitive and passionate. They're creative and resourceful, often willing to take calculated risks.

Doggedly determined and naturally optimistic, they believe in themselves and their ideas. When starting and running your own business, you've got be prepared to take the rough with the smooth and not react badly when setbacks occur. Your determination to overcome the odds might one day prove the difference between survival and failure.