Rural Funding Opportunities

RDPE Growth Programme

These Growth Programme grants are for capital investments that create or grow micro and small businesses in rural areas. The aim of this call is to encourage more tourists to come, to stay and to spend more money in rural areas.They are split into:

Rural Tourism Infrastructure - The grants will help fund the costsof capital expenditure on tourisminfrastructure.The aim is to support projects thatwill encourage more tourists tocome, to stay longer and to spendmore money in rural areas.

Business Development - To help rural businesses grow andcreate more jobs.Grant funding can help pay for constructing or improving buildings & buying new equipment and machinery. Small rural businesses new orexisting can apply. That includes farmerswho want to diversify into non agriculturalactivity.

Food Processing - Food and drink businesses thatprocess agricultural andhorticultural products can apply. These grants are to helpbusinesses grow and create morejobs.Grant funding can help pay for constructing or improving buildings & buying new equipment and machinery.

Countryside productivity scheme: The funding can be used to invest in improved infrastructure and ground-breaking new technology, opening up opportunities for our farmers. A grant may cover up to 40% of the total eligible costs of the project. There are 2 types of grants:small grants and large grants. Small grants - funding of between £2,500 and £35,000 is available. One small grant can be used to apply for a range of small grant items. Large grants - funding of between £35,000 and £1,000,000 is available. Applicants can apply for a mix of large grant items in one application. Applications can only be for large grant items or small grant items not a mix of both. Grant funding can be used to invest in: Animal productivity, health and welfare; Arable and horticultural productivity; and Resource management.

Countryside Stewardship facilitation funding: The Countryside Stewardship (CS) facilitation fund supports people and organisations that bring farmers, foresters, and other land managers together to improve the local natural environment at a landscape scale. This landscape scale approach can cover land under existing agri-environment and forestry/woodland agreements, common land and land not currently covered by a scheme. It builds on the principles of partnership working to deliver environmental benefits, as demonstrated by various initiatives, including farm clusters and the farmer-led Nature Improvement Area.

Forestry Commission Grants available:

Sustainable Communities Fund - Grants are available for up to 50% of the project cost from £250 to a maximum of £10,000. For more information contact South Downs National Park.