Santander’s SEDA Catalyst Awards

The SEDA Catalyst Award aims to support social enterprises looking to grow and develop their business in order to improve their local community. This category is administered and managed by UnLtd, the leading provider of support for social entrepreneurs.

Award Criteria:

  • Are you a CIC, Limited Company with asset lock or Co-operative?
  • Have you been trading for a minimum of one year?
  • Do you have a turnover between £25,000 and £100,000? 
  • Do you have aspirations to grow your business regionally or nationally? 
  • Does your business directly benefit your community in one or more of the following ways: 
    • Improving social inclusion
    • Supporting training, skills & employment
    • Creating a greener environment 

Submitting Your Entry

Apply online:

Catalyst Support Includes:

A cash Award of £5,000 or £10,000 to be spent on capital items and salaries for roles created to support growth; and knowledge and skills development in the following areas:

  • planning for full cost recovery
  • understanding and measuring social impact
  • communication and public speaking
  • brand development and marketing strategy
  • financial planning and preparing management accounts
  • developing useful connections and networks
  • business model development focussed on creative ways to generate income to enable service delivery to those who cannot afford to pay for it
  • project management
  • pricing of products and time

About the programme

Santander and UnLtd, working in partnership, are providing support to ambitious social ventures with future high growth potential; and intensive acceleration services for ventures that are ready to scale up rapidly.

This is a three-year programme funded by Santander is part of a scheme to support a wide range of social ventures. 

There are two SEDA Catalyst Awards: consisting of £5,000 cash and a 12-month development and growth support package or £10,000 cash and a 12-month development and growth support package.

This Award is for established ventures that have great potential to make real, positive social change but need targeted support to grow and move to the next stage of their development and funds to invest in a growth project.