Semta The Science, Engineering, Manufacturing and Technologies Alliance - is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for engineering skills for the future of the UK's most advanced sectors. Led by employers, their job is to transform the skills and productivity of the people who power our engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies sectors, enabling UK industry to compete on the global stage.

They are committed to inspiring the next generation of engineers, showcasing the best of British engineering talent and driving excellence in STEM teaching through The STEM Alliance, an innovative initiative which aligns further education with industry needs.

Semta creates the competent and skilled engineers of today and tomorrow by researching and identifying sector skills gaps and the needs of UK plc. It's standards and frameworks are the DNA on which all sector qualifications and Apprenticeships are built and they play a vital role supporting employers in the development of Trailblazer Apprenticeship standards.

Working collaboratively with industry, government and other stakeholders, they engineer employer-led skills solutions. They support the Aerospace and Automotive sectors in the delivery of their ambitious Industrial Partnership aspirations and, through their innovative skills solutions and practical employer support, have helped businesses of all sizes to achieve success.

The sector demand for talented and qualified employees has never been greater. Two million new entrants will be needed by the time today's primary school pupils reach working age. Semta is here to put that pipeline in place. They act as the catalyst to reconnect education and industry and create the highly skilled and dynamic workforce needed to re-energise UK industry and drive its future success.

How Semta can help develop your workforce

Semta's Sector Development Specialists work with employers to offer advice and support on:
  • training and developing your people
  • identifying and filling skills gaps
  • recruiting apprentices and graduates
  • highlighting funding available.