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Shipwrights' Apprenticeship Scheme

The Shipwrights'Apprenticeship Scheme is a charitable project run by the Worshipful Company ofShipwrights with funding from the Lloyds' Register Foundation. The SA Schemeassists SME's operating in the marine industry to engage with apprenticeshiptraining for engineering and boat building occupations and has done so for anumber of businesses in the Solent region already. The SA Scheme providesinitial assistance and guidance with establishing an apprenticeship within anSME's business offering support with administration, trianing provision,recruitment and contracts. The Scheme also has funding to assist with first year wages of these first apprentices via grants or loans to negate or offsetthe initial investment required by the company and removing any possiblebarriers to training apprentices. For more info please see our website http://www.shipwrights.co.uk/education/shipwrights-apprenticeship-schemeor contact Paul Harris at Sascheme@shipwrights.co.uk or on 01784223617