Social Enterprise Zone Solent

The Zone has been established with to:

  • create widespread awareness of the sector, its self-identification and the added social and economic benefits Social Enterprises and Cooperatives provide. This will increase investment, recruitment, contractual relationships, CSR engagement and development of the Social enterprise sector
  • develop a confident, knowledgeable and effective sector in all aspects of its economic, social and environmental endeavours and a mainstream trading and employment sector of the economy
  • attract financial, in kind and volunteer investment to the social enterprise and cooperative sector from European Community, Government, Solent LEP, Solent Local Authorities, local corporate CSR endeavours, the local community, Charitable Trusts and elsewhere

It has an informal structure with lead organisations co-ordinating and contracting on behalf of the Zone, from two hubs in Southampton and Portsmouth.

Lead Organisations - Social Enterprise Link (SEL) and Community Empowerment (CEL)

The Action Group - SEL, CEL, CAN, Cooperantics, Step Across CIC, The Southampton Collective

The Stakeholder Group 20 of the leading local Social Economy Enterprise investors

The Trading Partners Group Local Social, Cooperative and Community Enterprises

The Solent Zone Consortia Trading partners getting together