Solent Innovation

Solent Innovation is a local community for start-up and high-growth businesses. This unique business model is supported by a network of business partners, investors, business angels, venture capitalists and crowdfunders.  

The network brings together entrepreneurs, investors and innovators providing co-working, shared office space and access to startup growth accelerator programmes such as seed funding and angel investing. 

Members are actively mentored and encouraged to innovate and grow. Co-working, permanent offices, events, mentoring and investment are all geared to help you grow. 

Members have access to a unique blend of events and training programmes, with the opportunity to become an individual co-working member, join the Hive as a startup and even be invested in by their network of Angel investors. 

Solent Innovation helps facilitate collective resources and encourages an ecosystem for the creation and growth of sustainable startup businesses within Solent Region.  Members are encouraged to take part in knowledge transfer within the Community.  

To find out more please contact :

Solent Innovation, 1 Hampshire Terrace, Portsmouth, Hants, PO1 2QF

Telephone 02392847001 or email