Social Entrepreneurs

National Schemes 

Supporting Start-Ups

Let's Do Business Group Business Loan Finance is available to both Start-ups and existing businesses. Eligible businesses are based in Hampshire or the Isle of Wight, and will have experienced difficulties in accessing mainstream forms of finance or been unable to raise sufficient finance through that route. Loans include the Start up Loan for Young People and the Business Growth Loan.

School for Start-Ups Launcher This unique business start-up finance programme for entrepreneurs offers new business owners aged 18 and over access to world-class teaching, a supportive community, regular mentoring and some of the easiest start-up funding available in the UK.

Start-Up Loan Scheme This government funded scheme provides loans and mentors for entrepreneurs, offering advice and start-up finance (around £2,500) for 18-30 year olds looking to start and grow their own businesses.

Virgin Start-Up Loans This not-for-profit organisation helps entrepreneurs apply for business start-up loans.

WSX Enterprise Start Up Loans These personal loans for business purposes are designed to help entrepreneurs start-up their ventures, and comes with a free support package of pre-business support and mentoring, providing advice on Business Plans as well as a mentor to support the first year of trading.

Start Up Accelerators

Dotforge is an initiative created to attract and nurture top startups from around the world by providing them with pre-seed capital, mentorship and the environment they need to build and grow their business. Startups receive up to £15,000 (£5k per founder) in pre-seed capital in return for 8% equity. You also receive free legal advice on how to set up your company. Teams get 6 months worth of free office space. That's 3 months during the accelerator and 3 months after it; giving you peace of mind. Towards the end of the programme startups are also helped to acquire early adopters and prepare them for raising capital from investors.

Collider is an accelerator dedicated to startups which help brands understand, engage with and sell to customers. By mobilising a pot of cash, a crack team of coaches, and an intensive programme,they support startups in becoming sustainable businesses. Over the course of the year-long programme, the teams transform from startups to businesses,from cash burning to revenue earning, putting them on the road from MVP to IPO.