Sustainable Routes Grant

Sustainable Routes offers a grant of £1,000 to help businesses cut travel. The grant is match funded, meaning you'll need to spend at least £2,000, but larger projects tend to be looked upon more favourably by the grant's judging panel.

Here are a few examples of how the grant has been used by SMEs:

  • Laptops for employees to work remotely
  • Server upgrade to support remote working
  • Bicycles, storage and showers to encourage active travel
  • LPG vehicle conversions

The grant is available to all SMEs in the South East of England. For further information on eligibility and rules, please see the FAQ page

Grant Overview

Amount: £1,000 on a matched basis

Business Location: South East of England 

Type of Business: SME

Stage of Business: All

About Ngage Solutions Ltd

Ngage Solutions Ltd (NS) is a not-for-profit company that designs and delivers programmes to support businesses, individuals and communities. NS develop and deliver a wide range of projects that aim to add value to the economic landscape, to ‘make markets' and to improve people's lives. 

NS possess a strong track record of working with European, national, regional and local government departments across all the major sectors, including enterprise, business/industry, environment, education, rural communities and society. 

In the last 10 years NS has secured over £100m of public sector funding and has delivered projects with 18 trans-national partners in 10 countries across Europe.

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