Technology Innovation Fund

The Technology Innovation Fund (TIF) programme works by giving companies access to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) expertise.

TIF is an NPL funded support programme developed to increase engagement with new and innovative UK small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). TIF provides users with a set rate of £400 per day irrespective of scientist grade or facilities used.

Larger enterprises and academic institutions are also eligible for TIF support but at a higher day rate of £600.

There are 4 products through which support is offered:

  • advice surgeries: 1 hour to 1 day of support (cost can range from free to the £400 per day rate depending on time scale/travel/level of support required - decided on a case by case basis)
  • consultancy: 5 to 10 days support
  • research club: support provided as a percentage of club contribution (an example of a current club is between 12 partners each paying £5k contribution in cash, for each £5k cash contribution, TIF gives 2 days extra on top for free)
  • technical assessments: aligned with the Centre for Carbon Measurement and their work in validating low carbon technologies

NPL's Technology Innovation Fund (TIF) can provide bespoke technical support for UK industry to help overcome barriers to innovation. Subsidised support is available for SMEs and MSBs within the TIF programme, allowing for savings of up to 70% per project. To date NPL has supported over 250 companies, saving a total of 3,600 working days and an average of £15,000 in costs per project.

The TIF programme works by giving companies access to NPL expertise through three distinct products: Advice Surgeries, Consultancy and Research Clubs - all designed as bespoke, solution driven products that generate the best value for you, the customer.

TIF is an ideal way for innovative companies looking to engage with NPL for the first time to access world class expertise and facilities, helping meet the technical challenges for product innovation.

To find out more email or complete the online application form