The Business Exchange

The Business Exchange seeks to link the growing number of new businesses we are seeing in the UK with bigger, more established corporates, in order to help British SMEs get to the next level. By making it easier for the small business community to understand and take advantage of the range of pledges on offer from big businesses, this site will open up a whole new world of opportunity to British entrepreneurs.

Small Businesses

The Business Exchange is about delivering game-changing opportunities to small businesses by posting pledges of meaningful commercial support from big business. These pledges could be offers of investment, or the sharing of intellectual capital and physical assets.

Big Businesses

Supporting and helping new British businesses to flourish and grow is essential to maintain a healthy economic ecosystem. Pledging to collaborate with, advise, finance, offer contracts to the wider SME community can lead to ideas generation, a robust supply chain and increased goodwill from suppliers as well as a thriving economy.

About the Business Exchange

The Business Exchange is a collaboration between Government and small business network Enterprise Nation. Its aim is to collect and curate meaningful offers of support in one place from top firms. Small firms will be able to access, prepare for or react to opportunities quickly and easily. The idea behind the Business Exchange is that it will foster a more complete entrepreneurial ecosystem, where small businesses have the chance to grow and big businesses can benefit from the open exchange of new thinking.