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TSB Entrepreneurial Skills Workshops

This is a programme dedicated to providing training and support to businesses associated with the Technology Strategy Board. By participating in this programme, which aims to help your business grow as well as develop your great technology, you will gain access to;  

Two Day TSB Business Catalyst Events 

By attending a two day event you will be taught the essentials needed to get your business off the ground and on the right track. Two types of two day business catalyst days will be provided; one on constructing or improving an effective growth strategy & one dedicated to showing you how to use the web to its full potential.  

One Day TSB Masterclass

One day masterclasses are full day events, designed and taught by experts in their field. These masterclasses are intensive training days equipped to help you gain in depth knowledge on a specific topic.  

Online Training

Each of the workshops will be filmed. There will be no need to frantically take notes during the session as each workshop will be available to watch again at your leisure. To accompany some of the workshops there will also be online classes, which for example will show step by step guidance to complex web techniques.  

Online Community

24/7 support will be provided via an online community where it is not only possible to access relevant articles and information but communicate and share ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs. As part of the online community you will gain access to;  

  • An extensive library of business articles in an easy to search system  
  • Discussion boards where you can access peer to peer support   
  • School for Startups and other partner event listings