UK Export Finance

If you are planning to export goods or services from the UK then it is likely you'll need some form of credit guarantee or insurance to protect you against non-payment or other financial issues.

If you can't get what you need from the private market, UK Export Finance (UKEF) may be able to help. UKEF provide guarantees, insurance and advice in support of UK exports large and small. Working across a wide range of sectors, UKEF can consider support for exports to over 200 countries.

UKEF has its own risk assessment framework and our are focused on helping UK exporters maximise the opportunity to do more business overseas.

UK Export Finance provides a range of support schemes to help UK businesses obtain funding for their exporting activity:

  • Export Insurance Policy An insurance policy for a UK exporter that covers them against non-payment of an export contract. The policy covers costs incurred should your customer become insolvent before the goods are delivered or if they fail to pay due to specified political, economic or administrative events.
  • Bond Support Scheme A guarantee provided to a bank, so the bank can help you to arrange the issue of a bond to an overseas customer, potentially improving your cash flow. It covers most types of contract bond.  When exporters are required to obtain a tender or contract bond from their bank, UKEF will share the risks of issuing these. This enables UK exporters obtain more easily the support they need from RBS to secure export contracts.
  • Bond Insurance Policy An insurance policy provided direct to a UK exporter to protect against a demand for payment under a bond which is unfair or caused by political events.
  • Export Working Capital Scheme A guarantee provided to a bank, so the bank can help you to finance the working capital you might need to deliver an export contract.  UKEF have launched this scheme to facilitate exporters' access to working capital finance, for specific export contracts, by sharing risks with the banks. While there is no minimum value for the working capital facility, the total value of the export contract should normally be greater than £1m.
  • Letter of Credit Guarantee Scheme A guarantee to a bank which enables a UK bank to confirm a letter of credit one of the safest ways to ensure that you receive payment.  When a foreign buyer pays a UK exporter via a Letter of Credit, the exporter may ask a UK bank to 'Confirm' (or effectively guarantee) the payment. In certain circumstances the bank may need extra reassurance to issue the Confirmation. Under the above scheme, UKEF will consider guaranteeing part of the transaction, enabling the bank to help the exporter with its sales order.

About UKEF

UKEF are the UK's export credit agency. UKEF helps UK exporters by providing insurance to exporters and guarantees to banks to share the risks of providing export finance. In addition, UKEF can make loans to overseas buyers of goods and services from the UK. 

UK Export Finance is the operating name of the Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD).

UKEF work closely with exporters, banks, buyers and project sponsors and have 90 years' experience of supporting exports to, and investments in, markets across the world. This is achieved principally by providing loans to buyers of UK goods and services and guarantees, insurance and reinsurance against loss, taking into account the government's international policies.  UKEF:  

  • insure UK exporters against non-payment by their overseas buyers
  • help overseas buyers to purchase goods and services from UK exporters by guaranteeing or funding bank loans to finance the purchases
  • share credit risks with banks to help exporters raise tender and contract bonds, in accessing pre- and post-shipment working capital finance and in securing confirmations of letters of credit
  • insure UK investors in overseas markets against political risks

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