Supporting ex-forces and their families to start up businesses by providing them with Loans, Mentoring and Support. 

X-Forces have developed a simple yet effective five-step process to assist with the journey to successful business ownership: 

1. Passport pathway to success: Understanding the individual and their route map 

The first step in starting your journey with X-Forces is to contact their team to establish what your needs and targets are in order to start mapping out a personal plan to get your business idea off the ground.  Whether you have a plan ready and waiting, or you have an idea but are not sure how to develop it, X-Forces can help. 

2. Business planning

X-Forces expert team of advisers will help you from the very beginning. You will be provided with the essential tools to start writing your business plan. You will receive a pack containing; a business plan template, welcome pack, financial templates and much more. This is where the real 'handrail support' begins. 

3. Professional development toolkit: Refining ideas, plans and supporting development

Once you have created a business plan, you will be assigned a business adviser. With their guidance, you will adapt and refine the business plan to ensure it is at its very best. In this phase, your business adviser will help you understand the challenges that lie ahead as you start on your exciting path to becoming a successful business owner. 

4. Loan funding and launch

X-Forces can help you gain the funding you need in order to start your own business. X-Forces will work with you to access a government-backed low interest loan (6.19%) from The Start Up Loans Company to get your business launched. Their team will support you throughout the start-up loan application phase to ensure that you receive exactly what you need to fund your business start-up, and no more or less. 

5. Growing the business and helping the community with support for up to 5 years

During this phase, X-Forces will continue to provide help to increase your success as a business owner. They will be there to advise and support you, allowing you to concentrate on the core of your business. You will become an integral part of our X-Forces community.