FAQs – employ an apprentice

How long does it take to train an apprentice?

It takes a minimum of 12 months to train an apprentice but some apprenticeships are longer, depending on the volume and complexity of the learning required.

Can a sole trader take on an apprentice?

Yes as long as the apprentice will receive the necessary experience.

Is training given in the workplace, or off-site?

It can be either, depending on what you would like your Apprentice to learn.

How much should I pay an apprentice?

Each apprentice must be paid at least the apprentice minimum wage for the first 12 months and thereafter at least the national minimum wage for their age. As with any vacancy you need to pay the market rate to attract the best candidates.

Should apprentices be paid bonuses?

Apprentices should be treated just like other employees. They are working towards the same business objectives, so should receive the same benefits.

How old can an apprentice be?

Anyone of any age can do an apprenticeship and they are available to both new and existing employees.

If I decide the apprentice is not right for the business, can I terminate the contract?

Just as with any other employee, there are laws and rules that employers must abide by when it comes to terminating any employment contracts. Seek advice from your HR adviser.

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