News and Events

The Enterprise Adviser Network and the Solent Careers Hubs hold a series of events designed to deliver the national message at a local level.

These events and meetings bring education and business together to share knowledge and best practice; we may also show details of other relevant events.


Up and Coming Events

Virtual Events

NHS Careers Event
Careers in Games
PwC Back to Schools – Virtual Tour
Virtual Inspiring Careers Fair for Years 7-9


Event for Teachers:

Paving the way for your students: Teacher Event with Accenture & ICAEW

Thursday 19th November at 4.30pm

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Event for Parents:

Your Child’s Future: Parent Event with Accenture, Fidelity & ICAEW!

Thursday 26th November at 6pm

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Past Events


Enterprise Adviser Network Meetings:

Spring 2020 | UTC (East) & NOC (West)

School EA Meeting Presentation

School and EA meeting Agenda – UTC 13.2.20

School and EA Meeting Agenda – NOC 30.01.2020

Careers and Employability GFM



Autumn 2019 | PETA (East)

Autumn 2019 Eight Wealth Management presentation

Autumn 2019 PETA East Agenda

Autumn 2019 East PPT NC


Autumn 2019 | Novotel (Solent West)


Summer 2019 | 1000 Lakeside (East) & Paulton’s Park (West)

Open to all Careers Leaders and Enterprise Advisers. An opportunity to take part in discussions and workshops, linked to the Gatsby Benchmarks